• March 27, 2018

Apps Downloaded More Than 60 Percent from 2015


Apps Downloaded More Than 60 Percent from 2015

A report by App Annie shows that worldwide user app downloads have increased by more than 60 percent between 2015 and 2017. The most significant growth has been seen in emerging markets, particularly in India.

The 2017 Retrospective Report by App Annie is one the largest and trusted analysis’ of the state app economy. This year’s report argued that people were downloading at a rate of two apps every month per human on the planet. Four of the top five countries in most downloads were ones with emerging markets. With India’s introduction of subsidized, unlimited 4G access by Jio in September 2016, user downloads grew almost 215 percent. Absolute downloads from mature markets, like the United States, still represent a significant volume, analyzing average downloads are three per month. Over 70 percent of users download at least one app a month.

With the increased interest in apps and the functions they possess, they have become a new channel for consumer businesses to advertise. The available apps between Google Play and the iOS store are more than six million. App store optimization and paid user acquisition in-app marketing are critical for those wanting to stand out.



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