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Mobile Gaming Market Experiences Exponential Growth

Given the vast improvements in mobile technology and overall user experience, many would not be surprised to learn the mobile gaming market plans to make unprecedented growth in 2017. In an article originally produced by Emma McDonald of Newzoo, the specific figures for the mobile games market are presented with positive implications for the industry…

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Top Gaming Companies Saw Impressive Growth in 2016

Last year, the game revenues of the top 25 performing public companies put up impressive numbers, generating a total of $70.4 billion. What was even more impressive than that 17 percent year-over-year increase though, was the performance of the top 10 public companies, whose combined $53.7 billion represented a 24 percent increase. Last year’s top…

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Hemp Inc. Could be Bigger than ‘Candy Crush’

Writers at Benzinga got the inside scoop on a one-of-a-kind mobile gaming platform, Hemp Inc. Intrigued by a comment on Danny Hammett’s LinkedIn page, Benzinga writer Garrett Cook caught up with the big name game developer to learn more about the new mobile game that has been called “the next Candy Crush.” Hammett dropped hints…

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Hemp Inc. Combines Cannabis Education with High-Quality Design

Since Hemp Inc. emerged on the digital gaming scene late last spring, reviewers have shared their enthusiasm about the game across the web. Chris Thompson, of Freedom Leaf Inc., was surprised at the game’s ability to integrate the basic functions of the legal cannabis industry with a user-friendly platform. Thompson called Hemp Inc. the “marijuana…

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Hemp Inc. has the Potential to Entertain and Mobilize Cannabis Supporters

Hemp Inc. is a new mobile game with many great features. But, the feature that most excited reviewer Isabelle Kohn from The Rooster is the fact that the game’s developers didn’t wait to begin pushing the legalization envelope. The game combines real world scenarios with educational information on cannabis legalization, entertaining features, and an easy-to-use…

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