• January 20, 2017

Hemp Inc. has the Potential to Entertain and Mobilize Cannabis Supporters


Hemp Inc. has the Potential to Entertain and Mobilize Cannabis Supporters

Hemp Inc. is a new mobile game with many great features. But, the feature that most excited reviewer Isabelle Kohn from The Rooster is the fact that the game’s developers didn’t wait to begin pushing the legalization envelope.

The game combines real world scenarios with educational information on cannabis legalization, entertaining features, and an easy-to-use design. Kohn didn’t only enjoy testing out the game, but described it as having great potential to influence social change in the legalization space.

As Kohn describes, Hemp Inc. plays a lot like the popular Facebook game FarmVille. The difference is that Hemp Inc. players are growing, cultivating, and selling legal cannabis according to proper regulation (as determined by the game). Players start small with limited grow and retail space, and if they play their cards right, have the opportunity to grow and sell up to 20 different cannabis strains, purchase properties to expand their businesses, and interact with celebrity marijuana enthusiasts, incuding: Wiz Khalifa, Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, and Snoop Dogg.

Not only does Hemp Inc. feature celebrities that players can interact within the game and win a chance to interact with in real life, but it also features like-minded, cannabis-supporting companies, like widely read magazine High Times. For the Larry Linietsky, COO of High Times, the partnership with Hemp Inc. seemed to make perfect sense, as the audiences of each project are largely the same. Hemp Inc. serves as another educational and entertaining outlet for the magazine’s readers.

Hemp Inc. was developed by Danny Hammet, the mastermind behind the incredibly popular Tony Hawk and Call of Duty games. So, as you can imagine, the design is sound and really allows players to feel like they are running a real legal marijuana business. Kohn, though, considers Hemp Inc. in a different league, not for its content or design, but for what it represents.

Hammet’s latest project has all the necessary components to be a good game, but for Kohn, Hemp Inc. is much more than an entertaining idea. She calls Hemp Inc. both “progressive” and “important.” To this reviewer, Hemp Inc. serves as a representation of what Americans could achieve in a political and economic climate where marijuana is legalized by the federal government.

Kohn clarifies that while Hemp Inc. is packed with entertaining scenarios and potential to drive social change, its success and societal impact is dependent on who plays it. For now, the game is still in its early stages, but Kohn believes if it ends up in the hands of people who can visualize and virtually experience the benefits of legalization, it will have an immense impact of the legalization movement.

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