• February 23, 2017

Hemp Inc. Could be Bigger than ‘Candy Crush’


Hemp Inc. Could be Bigger than ‘Candy Crush’

Writers at Benzinga got the inside scoop on a one-of-a-kind mobile gaming platform, Hemp Inc. Intrigued by a comment on Danny Hammett’s LinkedIn page, Benzinga writer Garrett Cook caught up with the big name game developer to learn more about the new mobile game that has been called “the next Candy Crush.”

Hammett dropped hints about Hemp Inc.’s combining social/political issues with mobile gaming and the involvement of top global development talent. He also predicted the game would bring about historic milestones for both the tech and cannabis industries, as well as cannabis technology. Because of Hammett’s involvement with household franchises, like Tony Hawk, Spiderman, and Call of Duty, comments like those posted on his LinkedIn page should not be taken lightly.

Much like the Tony Hawk games were able to rally and unify the skating community around a certain culture with brands like DCs, Vans, Etnies, and Airwalks, Hammett believes his latest project can do the same with the cannabis community. HKA Digital Studios, who brought Hammett on to complete Hemp Inc., set out to integrate corporate and celebrity branding into a fun, interactive game that would educate, unify, and impassion the community that already supports the cannabis industry.

Hammett suggested that the game is a marijuana-based version of Farmville or the Sims.

“There’s real brands in it and you can do real world activities,” Hammett said. “The game has the design features of a platform that has been very successful but most importantly proven at maintaining users for a long time.”

The involvement of various mobile and gaming brands, means easy marketing for Hemp Inc. Brands and celebrities that the game’s target audience already watch and follow do all the marketing the game needs, while they are able to show face and send a clear social message through their involvement with the game.

What’s more, Hammett doesn’t need to offer celebrities or brands money for their involvement, as they are gaining access to a core audience of cannabis supporters, which is incentive enough for appearing on the platform. These big-name celebs and brands have taken to social media to share their involvement with the platform and encourage their fans to check out Hammett’s latest project.

Hammett believes involvement in the game also gives companies and stars a way to show the public that they are “hip” and supportive of a major social movement in the United States and abroad.

As of the game’s release last summer, there were more than 50 brands and celebrities signed to appear in Hemp Inc.’s virtual cannabis world, with more considering joining the platform. By offering a marketing space to these names, HKA Digital Studios brought in more than $150 million in revenue in 2016.

Hammett told Benzinga, “You haven’t seen my final trick yet.”

Look out for enhancements to the game this year, as Hammett perfects what could be his biggest project yet. [Source.]

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