Increase Sales With An ATM

Owning a business allows you to be your own boss and live the American dream. If you have a retail store, you need to provide as many payment options as possible if you want to get the most sales. It is important to accept credit and debit cards, and you should also give your customers access to an ATM. Many business owners overlook ATM machines, but they can add real value to your business. Read on to learn the top 4 benefits of having an ATM in your retail store.

Increase Sales

Having an ATM at your location is going to increase sales because it gives your customers an additional way to buy your products. Your customers might not want to use a debit or credit card and they might want to pay in cash. The ATM allows your customers to get cash quickly and it allows them to have access to more cash so they are likely to spend more money at your store. Having an ATM in your store also draws in people who are there just to use the ATM, but once they are in the store they are likely to buy something. You also get to keep a percentage of the revenue from the ATM which means more money going to your business.

Get Paid In Cash

When you have an ATM machine in your store you are more likely to get paid in cash. You won’t have to worry about bounced check fees and you won’t have to pay as much money in credit card transaction fees. Cash is a lot safer and it saves you the most money. When you get more sales in cash you don’t have to worry about problems. The transactions are simpler and you save money with every sale.

Save On Credit Card Fees

While accepting credit cards is a necessity, the fees can really start to add up quickly. Every fee that you pay for the credit card transaction means less money in your pocket. Installing an ATM will encourage your customers to pay in cash and this will save you money. You also get money whever someone uses the ATM machine and this can offset any credit card fees you have to pay.

With the right signage you can attract people to your ATM from off the street. The signs don’t have to be expensive. Colorful and bright signage with lights will ensure that people are attracted to your new ATM. Video toppers can also draw customers to the ATM machine.

Adds Flexibility

The more payment options you have the better. Having an ATM machine at your business is going to help you make more money and increase foot traffic to your business. Your customers will like having multiple payment options.

It doesn’t cost money to have an ATM installed and it can make you more money. Your customers will like having multiple payment options and you will like the safety that cash provides. An ATM will increase foot traffic to your business.