• August 31, 2017

Mostly Young Educated Men Are Ordering Off Niche-Delivery Apps

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Mostly Young Educated Men Are Ordering Off Niche-Delivery Apps

Recently, there has been a significant demographic trend regarding who is most likely to order marijuana delivery.

A San Francisco startup in the marijuana delivery industry named Eaze surveyed its customers in order to better understand them as an audience. While a few stereotypes were confirmed, the rest immediately dissolved when the results were reviewed. After 10,000 Eaze consumers were reviewed, the business released their findings in a detailed report.

According to the analysis, males (66%) tend to comprise the bulk of Eaze’s clientele, and 57% of the survey’s respondents are between the ages of 22 and 34, placing them in the infamous millennial category. On top of this, approximately 20% of the participants claimed that they are parents.

Arguably more surprising than these statistics is the fact that that the majority of individuals who use Eaze are well-educated and hold high-paying jobs. Over 50% of respondents hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher, and 91% of customers are employed. In fact, 49% of respondents have an annual income of over $75,000, and 16% of all respondents make between $100,000 and $149,000.

The income is not all that surprising, however, when considering that the service they are paying for involves delivering cannabis and cannabis products delivered to their front door through a mobile app. Eaze’s survey found that 58% of those who responded consume cannabis every day, and the average they spend annually on cannabis is $1,704. That amount is more than what people typically spend on alcohol, tobacco, and personal care combined.

87% of those who took Eaze’s survey said that marijuana has helped curb their alcohol consumption, and of the 40% of respondents who regularly took prescription opiates, 94% said they have reduced their intake due to marijuana. 31% said they have replaced opiates entirely. Those numbers coincide with the movement to end prescription opioid addiction by utilizing medical marijuana treatments.

In the US, cannabis legalization has garnered widespread support in recent years, with more and more advocacy arising as time goes on. While Eaze’s home state of California has had legalized medical cannabis for years, the recreational use amendment that was recently passed has caused analysts to project that the cannabis industry in its entirety could exceed over $5 billion by 2018.

Eaze, which managed to secure $13 million in venture capitalist funding last year, has set its sights high and intends to capitalize on the expanding California market, an endeavor that could prove to be insanely lucrative.


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