The Evolution Of ATMs Over The Years

The Docuteller, manufactured by Docutel, was the first ATM to be installed in the US. It was located in the Rockville Center in Long Island, NY. The ATM was owned by Chemical Bank, and could only be used by customers of the bank; ATMs that could be used by customers of different banks were introduced about ten years later.

ATMs have gone through various changes over the years as demonstrated below.

Drive Up ATM Machines

Next in the evolution of ATMs, came drive up ATMs. The first of their kind was installed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and was owned by NCR, an ATM manufacturer based in Georgia. A whopping 95 percent of all NCR drive up ATMs are in the US.

Movie Ticket, Stamps And Prepaid Card Dispensers

In 1988, Equibank, based in Pittsburg, introduced ATMs that could in addition to cash, dispense stamps, movie tickets and prepaid cards. This trend was adopted by other banks years later, but with different results. This service has however been largely discontinued.

The Talking ATM

Talking ATMs are now quite common. These were first introduced as a way of replacing the Braille ATMs previously used by blind customers.


Banks looking to provide a combination of in person and ATM banking services through ATM machines have incorporated video functionality. Customers can engage with a bank teller visually via the video display screen on the ATM.


Another growing trend in the ATM world is the provision of cardless services. These machines rely on the use of smartphones. Customers get a code which they enter into the machine together with their PIN to get the services they need.


As the popularity of crypto-currencies grows, the number of ATMs designed to convert cash into crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and vice versa is also on the rise. These ATMs are however separate from the traditional banking system.

As you can see, ATMs have gone through various changes throughout their fifty year existence.