• June 22, 2018

4 Major Ways VR Will Shape Our Future


4 Major Ways VR Will Shape Our Future

With the advent of the latest advances, a lot of enterprising people are looking into new technology investments.

Despite the generalized understanding of VR being limited to entertainment, there is a multitude of applications that have potential to transform the world as we know it.

Offices Will Exist in Virtual Space

As VR headsets become more reliable and widely accessible, the first spaces where they will be commonplace are corporate offices.

Much in the same way computers have replaced typewriters, adding machines, and paper-based spreadsheets, the VR office is set to make physical space redundant.

If you work in an office building, chances are that the majority — if not all— of your productivity is done through a computer. Our work already predominantly takes place in digital space; with VR we will be able to fully integrate our professional lives into the digital space.

While the virtual office is nothing new, the accelerating advances in processing power and bandwidth are quickly making the optimized, seamless workspace of the future a reality.

It won’t be long before conference calls will be replaced by VR meetings. While teleportation may sound like science fiction, the creation of an entire virtual world will make us be able to occupy multiple spaces at once.

We Will Get Better at Taking Care of Each Other

In a clinical setting, VR integration will pave the way for near perfect medical treatment.

With more investment in virtual reality stocks, tech companies will be able to produce technology that will redefine how surgery is performed.

Imagine a med student in training to become a surgeon being able to practice common surgical procedures through a virtual OR that can recreate true to life situations. Surgical technology has come a long way since the days of scalpels and forceps. Surgeons already use complex machinery and robots to minimize surgical scars and risk of infection; the integration of VR will only give them that much more control.

Mental Health

VR will also be a boon for therapists and psychiatrists and will transform how we approach therapy.

Part of a mental health professional’s responsibility is to provide clients with the most therapeutic environment possible. This is where the use of VR can cater to the client and virtually place them in a personalized low-stress environment.

VR will also provide therapists and psychiatrists with a new tool in treating various traumas. Whether it be a phobia or PTSD, a common treatment is immersion therapy; which will become more sophisticated as VR technology advances.

The Globe Will be More Unified

While it might be extreme to say that VR will bring lasting world peace, the ability to connect with anyone on the planet through a virtual world comes with potential for overwhelming positive change.

Advances in technology and investments made in top tech stocks will result in cheaper and higher quality avenues into VR. This, in turn, will make the technology more accessible.

With the virtual space being open to the average person, politically appointed delegates and ambassadors won’t be the only people to facilitate communications between nations. With more access to free communication — along with accumulated positive interactions — the future is looking a lot more peaceful.

While some of these predictions can still feel centuries away, it’s important to consider the potential for VR and how it can shape our future for the better.


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